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Assiniboine Valley (Excellent opportunity for a Color phase bear)


Manitoba is known for its trophy black bears

Riding Mountain National Park


We have prime hunting territory just south of Riding Mountain National Park. A couple of our trophy trail camera pics from that area!

Riding Mountain National Park

Prime Bear Country


    Our bear hunts are conducted along the south side of Riding Mountain National Park. The park was established in 1929, is 2,969 sq. km (1,146 sq mi) in size and is located at the geographical centre of North America. 

 Riding Mountain National Park is located on the Manitoba Escarpment, which rises dramatically out of the prairies in southwestern Manitoba and is the highest elevation in the province. It is an island of wilderness where three distinct environments converge. The southern prairie grasslands meet and intermix with the western aspen forests and northern boreal forests, creating an area that is so unique and biologically diverse that the park and surrounding area were designated as a biological reserve in 1986 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 


The area is noted for its great diversity of wildflowers, its large populations of moose and elk, whitetail deer, lynx, cougar, wolf and the highest concentration of black bears in North America. Bald eagles and osprey nest along the streams and lakes in the area and hundreds of prairie potholes provide for the highest density of breeding dabbling ducks in North America, particularly mallards, pintails and shovelers.